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“The beginning is the most important part of the action.” – Plato

A child’s impressionable young mind needs to be shown the right path from a nubile age, because the foundation decides the future. The Montessori Section of Notre Dame Academy sets in stone the foundation of exemplary values and basic learning early in each student’s mind, aiding them to achieve eminence later in life. Each stone is laid in such a way, that the path leads towards the gateways of success. Nurturing the children like its own, the Montessori section makes not just students, but develops a child in a holistic manner.

The teachers treat each child as their own, giving them the love and care a mother would provide. The Head of theMontessori ensures such an environment in which each child can develop to the best of his/her abilities and the provision of such education, which leaves the student longing for more.


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